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Wrap Answer Hotline

Ever have that patient that chooses a wrap sunwear frame by Oakley, WileyX or Maui Jim, but you’re just not sure if his or her Rx will work in that frame?  With other labs, their response is, “Send the frame in and we’ll see if it will work.”  Not with us. You can find out right away if the patient’s Rx will work in their favorite wrap sunwear style, simply by calling the Interstate Wrap Answer Hotline!  Our knowledgeable wrap experts will tell you over the phone if the Rx will work in the patient’s frame, how it will look, and whether special options should be chosen upon ordering, saving you embarrassing calls back to the patient. Our MEI digital edging allows us to produce even the most advanced bevels, we have a huge database of sunwear brands and styles, and we are always on the cutting edge of what your patients want!

We’re taking the guesswork out of wrap pick up the phone and call the Interstate Wrap Answer Hotline the next time you are fitting a wrap sunwear frame.

Here's what one customer says about our exclusive Wrap Answer Hotline:

"I want to share a story with all of you.  A patient came in to the office and asked if he could have Rx lenses in the Wiley X Revolver frame.  This frame has a high wrap.  He has been looking at this frame for two years and was repeatedly told it was non-Rx-able.  I called the “Interstate Wrap Hotline" while the patient was still in the office-- it was about 4:45pm and I wasn't sure someone would be available to take the call.  The Customer Service Representative took all the info and said YES, I think we can do this!  Less than two weeks later, I received the complete pair back and nervously called the patient, who was a bit of a disbeliever when he purchased the sunglasses.....he tried them on...I waited...he said, "These are great! I see perfectly!" 

WIN WIN INTERSTATE!  We could not have done this job at our previous lab and we are delighted.  When I told the rep from Wiley X this story, she said, “That frame is not Rxable!" and I said NOT AT INTERSTATE OPTICAL! "

Julie Bolton, Village Eye Care, Inc