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Direct RX Service

Our Direct Rx program will save you money, administrative hassle, time, and shipping costs!

With our Direct Rx program, the direct sell frame AND the Rx are both ordered by the lab, saving you phone calls, shipping costs, and time!  The frame is ordered on your behalf by Interstate and the frame arrives at our facility over night to be matched with the Rx. You are invoiced from the direct-sell frame company just like you always are, but there are no shipping charges on your invoice! And, the best part of all is the cost for our Direct Rx service is only $2.65 per Rx. Say goodbye to high shipping costs, wasted time and administrative hassles - leave it to us. Just tell us to Direct Rx!  Registered website users may log in to view full details.

Frame Club

Join the club!  The Interstate Frame Club, that is! 
Our exclusive Frame Club program allows you to earn $25 on EVERY Rx, simply by having us supply one of our most popular frame styles on any Rx, including Managed Care orders!  It’s that simple!  So what are you waiting for? 
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Ultimate Warranty

A simple and easy plan that eliminates remakes issues, our Ultimate Warranty and Customer Support Plan takes the guesswork out of remakes & warranties.  Registered website users may log in to view full details.

Wrap Hotline

Wouldn’t it be nice to know everything instantly?
Well, now you can, by calling the Interstate Wrap Answer Hotline!  Find out instantly if a patient's Rx will work in a wrap or sport sunwear style, while they're still in your office, and save yourself an embarrassing phone call later! 
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